About Us

“We work together to respond to the needs of our Clients in a timely manner. Pete and Carolyn have been licensed for over 42 years and are committed to their practice in North County. Carolyn graduated from Cal Poly in Animal Sciences and Pete from Dartmouth College. Devon joined Pete and Carolyn in 2022 after being their Assistant since 2018. She graduated Cal Poly with an Agriculture Business Major and Studio Art Minor. Each of us have a deep personal bond with our Community and our Clients.

Our mission is to put our Clients in a position to make successful real estate decisions. We create transactions with integrity and take the time to educate our Clients on the nuances of the territory. One has to know the territory!

We are associated with RE/MAX because RE/MAX is the leading brokerage company in the world. Our business in ranches, wineries, homes and vineyards attracts Buyers interest from across the globe. We need the largest footprint possible to serve our Clients.

Pete Dakin created RE/MAX Parkside in 1999 to serve the needs of North County Sellers and Urban Refugee Buyers. RE/MAX Parkside is the leading sales operation in North County in all categories. We are the market leader that provides real time, unique knowledge and exposure to our Clients. Information is the currency of our business and relationships are the foundation of our company.”

Pete Dakin, Carolyn McNairn & Devon Pitts