Stunning 480+/- Acre Classic Estate on the Ocean

The Ranch begins at the end of Highway 46 West at Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Cambria is a mile or so to the North and Cayucos is about 10 miles to the South. We turn west off PCH and enter the approximate 480 acres on Harmony Ranch Road.

Once through the gate, we pass a caretakers quarters and distinctive red barn. Harmony came to be in 1869 and for many years the area was a leading dairy supplier to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Continuing up the road we begin the gentle ascent to the ridgeline. A peaceful sense of anticipation builds as you drink in the stunning vistas of San Luis Obispo County. Cresting the ridge you see and feel the sunlight dancing on the Pacific. Everything starts to slow down.

You don’t really see the home until we roll through the gated entry. At this point the ocean seems to blend with the property. You, the home and the ocean are all connected. This feeling never leaves until we leave the home.

Built by a top Central Coast Craftsman, the approximate 4,000 + sqft estate sits mightily on the coastline bluffs, miles and miles of unobstructed views. The quality of the home compliments the building site and enhances the marine experience. There is a strong sense of physical and emotional well- being throughout the home.

Majestic views throughout every room create a feeling of being on a luxury ocean liner. Even the lower garage and craft shop have epic vistas that clear the mind and heighten the senses. Within the home are alcoves, nooks, reading and gathering areas that warmly flow and connect one to the water.

Outside the flow is enhanced with decks, steps and pathways to explore your world. Super interesting and all around inspiring. Remember, there’s 480+/- acres to explore, perfect for nice riding, walking and running. Built in 1990, this classic estate works or tuxedos or topsiders.